2018 Coupon Code Survey & Statistics

How Coupon Codes Are Influencing Online Purchase Decisions

We took a detailed look at consumer behavior from visitors to the top 1,000 ecommerce stores in the United States & Canada.

We recently completed survey of more than 30,000 online shoppers from visits to our website. The survey revealed that:

26 percent of respondents also regularly use physical coupons but prefer the convenience of redeeming online discounts.

47 percent prefer to shop using mobile devices when e-commerce stores enable smooth experiences.

84 percent have abandoned an e-commerce purchase because of problems with checking out.

83 percent receive coupons by advertiser email, 66 percent by social media, 48 percent by mobile app or push notification and 44 percent through word of mouth from others.

Six in ten will stack coupons, when possible, to achieve greater savings.

Coupon Code Statistics Infographic

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