Our Favorite Wine of the Month Clubs (Plus 3 Other Places To Buy Wine Online & Save)

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You’re standing in the long aisle in the grocery store, surrounded by labels and descriptions you can’t understand, let alone pronounce. Especially if you don’t consider yourself an esteemed wine connoisseur and are just looking for a new taste, buying a bottle or two of wine can be a frustrating process.

But, it shouldn’t have to be.

Online “wine of the month” clubs and wine subscription services allow you to embark on an exciting journey of discovering new flavors and winery regions, all in the convenience of your own home, while relying on the experts to hand select your wine. Sound better than wandering the aisles of your local store? Read on!

Best Wine of the Month Subscription Services

Are you looking to expand your wine tastes and try something new? Wine subscription services are great opportunities to try out different kinds of wine that you may not immediately pick up at the grocery store. And, who knows, you might just find your next favorite one! A wine subscription service is also a great idea to try for that wine lover in your life – or for yourself. Check out these great wine of the month subscriptions:


Winc makes it easy to discover your next favorite wine by delivering four new bottles right to your doorstep each month. You have the option to choose what bottles you’d like or let Winc send you recommendations based on your preferences.


With a unique model of sharing label and winery information about a bottle only after the purchase, you’ll get to learn more about your wine preferences. Winecrasher’s unique business model also allows them to keep their prices low – the lowest in the U.S.

Wine Down Box

What makes wine even better? Cheese. With a subscription from Wine Down Box, you’ll not only get a great bottle of wine but also get cheese and charcuterie pairings.

Plonk Wine Club

Discover the next wine that’s individually catered to your unique preferences with Plonk Wine Club. You’ll get to discover new wines based on what tastes good to you. And, you’ll get to build your own monthly subscription by choosing the number of bottles you want and how much you’re looking to spend.

Cellars Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club provides the perfect fit whatever your palate. Find one you know you love or try out something new. And with their “No Bad Bottle” guarantee, you can be confident that you’ll enjoy the wine you buy.

Our 3 Favorite Places That Sell Wine Online

Online wine sites and wine subscription services make a perfect gift for both that wine connoisseur and the newbie – or for yourself! Ordering wine online is a great way to save money too. Check out these great online wine sources:

Heartwood & Oak

Heartwood & Oak offers a wide selection so that you can find your new favorite wine. Sourced from large and small wineries from across the world, you’ll be sure to find one you love and save money in the process.


Drizly is more than just a great source for wine – they also offer beer, liquor and extras to find a taste that fits whatever your occasion and for whoever’s drinking. They offer a more convenient option to liquor stores.


Zachys is committed to providing a great customer experience through wine auctions, consultations and other services. They include not only well-known brands but also rare and unique options.

Why should I get my wine online instead of the store?

You’ll have a wider (and better) selection of vino

Tired of the limited selection you find at your local grocery store – even if it is a large aisle? Buying wine online gives you access to a greater selection of many more origins and tastes. You’ll be better able to find that perfect bottle of wine that fits your unique tastes, your budget and for whatever occasion you’re looking to celebrate.

With a wide selection of wines for all tastes and palates, you’ll be sure to easily find a wine that fits your individual preferences.

Don’t live in abundant wine country like Napa Valley? You can still have access to wine from all over through online sites.

You’ll have more information about your wine origin

Are you easily confused by wine jargon like “legs” and “bouquet”? When you buy online, you can read and learn more about the type of wine you’re looking for. Do the employees at your typical local brick-and-mortar store never have time to answer your questions about flavor, region or pricing? You can get all that information and more through buying wine online.

On some online wine sites, you’ll learn much more than what kind of flavor a particular wine has. Many sites also incorporate interesting information on the winemaking process, the region of the vineyard and other details that can help you become a wine connoisseur. This information by wine experts provides experience and credibility so that you know the wine you buy is exactly what you’ve asked for.

With opportunities to buy wine online, you shouldn’t have to be stuck in the same pattern of buying the exact type of wine you always purchase simply because you don’t know what other kinds to try. Go ahead, try something new.

It’s simply more convenient

Imagine you have a dinner party coming up. A common hostess gift would be a bottle of wine to bring along. But what kind do you get? When will you have time to go to the store? How can you choose when you may know nothing about wine?

Buying wine online helps to ease those worries – whether buying wine for a party or just to celebrate with at home. Online, you don’t have to wait in line at the store and scramble to find your I.D. while holding ten other things. You don’t have to wonder how to properly bag your bottle(s) of wine so that it won’t break in your transit back home.

With services online, you can easily compare prices between bottles and find the one that best fits your needs. Your wine will be delivered directly to your door, so there’s no need for extensive grocery bags. Simply order and have your wine all in the comfort of your home and with the convenience of a computer or mobile device. How easy is that!

Online is also open at any time, so no need to wait for the grocery store across town to open its doors. Traveling? You can order wine from anywhere you can connect. Simply click, order and ship!

Since wine is accompanied by legal restrictions and guidelines, be sure you order your next favorite bottle of wine from a legit and reputable site (such as the resources above). Do your research into any restrictions in ordering and shipping that may apply to your state or area.

Most importantly – You can save (a lot of) money!

Many online wine sellers allow you to purchase wine in bulk. So, if you tend to go through several bottles for special occasions, buying several bottles, or cases, at a time may save you a lot of money with discounts.


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