Best Online Sock Subscription: Our Top 5 Monthly Sock Clubs

Best Monthly Sock Subscription Clubs
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Virtually everyone wears socks every day, so why don’t we take advantage of such an important part of our every day and optimize our sock choices? There are endless accessories and clothing sites that give you the option to customize or specialize certain parts of your wardrobe, and socks are no longer the exception. Socks are not only important to your feet’s hygiene, but they are a great opportunity to show your personality and make yourself more comfortable doing your everyday tasks. Getting a sock subscription service could be the perfect way to keep your style updated, your socks comfortable, and your feet feeling good. They are also a fun gift idea that will take the guess work out of gift-giving on birthdays and for holidays. Here are the top five best sock subscriptions that go best with any lifestyle, and that will give a definite upgrade to your sock drawer, month by month. Choose the one that best fits your everyday needs and style, whether you are a businessman looking for comfort and class, or a video-game nerd wanting to display your passion at all times, these subscriptions have something for everyone.

Sock Panda

Sock Panda is a monthly subscription that offers services starting at $12 per month for one pair of socks every month. Sock Panda carries socks for men, women, and children and will donate a pair of socks to someone in need with every new subscription or subscription renewal. If you find yourself needing more than one pair, you can upgrade to two pairs a month for $19.00. Sock Panda is also a great source for gifts on any occasion! You can choose the style and size of sock that you’d like every month, and change it if you need to, keeping your sock drawer full of classy or funky looks that will get everyone talking! Sock Panda allows for risk free trials of their service and you can cancel at any point in time.

Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy will deliver socks right to your house for either $11.00 per single pair or $19.00 for two pairs every month. You can choose the size and subscription length as soon as you sign up, opting to give the socks as a gift or have them sent to yourself to keep your collection updated. The unique thing about Sock Fancy is that when you sign up for their service, the sock design that is sent to you is completely random. Sock fancy also offers free pairs of socks with every friend that you refer to their service, so if you refer enough friends you could get free socks for a year, or even the rest of your life! There is also a six-pack sock box for $57.00 per month if you really want to have a variety in your style, or just can’t wait to have a new pair to show off to your friends and coworkers. Sock Fancy is also great for large group gifts and has multiple different bulk-buy options.

Sock Club

Sock Club is a sock subscription that delivers socks that are American-made, right to your door. Their prices are average, starting at $12.00 per month for one pair of socks (which you can cancel at any time), and including plans for three months, six months, and reaching up to $132.00 for a whole year, which includes one month free. You can choose to give a sock membership as a gift, or sign up for it yourself to get socks that are uniquely designed and match the changing styles and seasons. Sock Club is not only an American company, based out of Austin, Texas, but it is eco-friendly as well and is very employee-oriented. Sock Club also has available the option to purchase previous sock designs, and even have custom socks made for you or as a gift. This subscription service has socks for men, women, and children alike and shipping is already included in the monthly cost. For large group purchases for multiple gifts or a family, you can save up to 30% by buying ten or more subscriptions at once.

Loot Socks

Loot Socks is part of the larger company, Loot Crate, which produces and delivers apparel designed for fanatics of some of the most popular video games, television shows, and other forms of entertainment. Loot Socks carries socks that will let you, or another geek in your life, show off how much you love your favorite game or TV show by featuring images of your favorite characters, logos, and designs proudly for you to wear on your feet! You can’t always wear t-shirts everywhere you go, but with cool socks like these, you can be wearing your interests around the office and still look professional. At $9.99 per month for two pairs of socks, Loot Socks is one of the best values out there for sock subscriptions and you can really show your personality. You simply choose your design and sock style, how long you want your plan to be, and check out! Shipping is free, and you’ll have your socks in no time.

Black Socks

Sock subscriptions are not only for goofy designs and displaying personality. Black Socks is a men’s sock subscription service that provides high quality socks that make you look good, but are tailored for your comfort, and can be worn to work every day. Having to wear a suit and tie every day can be uncomfortable and tedious, and having to wear the same pairs of socks day in and day out can wear them down, and leave you uncomfortable. Black Socks takes into consideration your personal preference for thickness, height, and texture so that you are comfortable all day, every day. And who says Black Socks have to be black? They now have a new Funky Socks line that will keep you comfortable, but give you a little bit of color while you work, because the office can be boring enough without a few colorful socks every now and then. Black Socks packages range from $89.00 to $140.00 for three deliveries of three pairs of socks.



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