Gifting on a Budget: 4 Excellent Gifts Ideas For Under $50

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Let’s face it: we all have a number of different people to send gifts to during holidays. But spending more than $100 on each one can actually make us broke within just a few hours. For that, we have no choice but to resort to some gifts that are under a specific budget but still serve as an excellent gift to give someone. Let’s take a look at some of these gifts under $50:

  1. Otterbox iPhone Cases – As the smartphones have started to get more thinner and sporting a luxurious look, they have started to become more fragile as well. Gone are the days when you can expect your phone to survive an accidental drop. But all is not lost. Otterbox commuter and defender cases aim to make your smartphone as rugged as a tank by providing cases with multiple layers of protection from drops and various elements. You just have to keep in mind that they add a bit of bulk and size on your smartphone too.
  2. Handmade scarf – While knitted products certainly look and feel amazing, not everyone has the time and the skill to knit one. So, if you want your gift your special someone a knitted scarf that also doubles up as a cowl as well, you can check out the deep red infinity scarf by the seller ZuZu on Etsy, which costs you around half of the price that you would pay for a scarf on a traditional departmental store.
  3. AquaGear Water Filtration Bottles – It is obvious that home water purifiers aren’t exactly the smallest thing in the world, and if you know someone who is conscious about drinking purified water, then the AquaGear Water Filtration bottle is a good gift to give them. Not only does it provide clean and healthy water, it also saves the environment by making them save as many as 600 plastic bottles in their lifetime.
  4. Land on s Scottish Estate- This is a very good gift to give to an environmentalist. As we all know, the trees in Scotland have become subjected to widespread deforestation. Highland Titles came up with an idea to combat the situation: letting people buy their own land. Plots start at $49.99, the money which helps in funding maintenance and rescue of forests and other woodland areas.


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