New Vimeo Business Plan Review

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Companies are always looking for ways to market their businesses in order to get customers to their business. There are quite a few options out there especially when it comes to video marketing. Before YouTube was really your only option but now Vimeo has introduced Vimeo Business to help businesses build up their brand and get the recognition that they have been looking for. Vimeo has long been a brand that aimed to allow those who are passionate about video making. Vimeo promises to be the perfect platform to allow businesses to engage with their customers as well as marketing new products and services. Here is a closer look at how Vimeo Business can help you:

Advanced Features
Vimeo Business offers customers a lot of different features for business owners to use as a creative and effective way to market your business. Through things like clickable CTAs and email capture directly in the Vimeo player, you can really engage new customers when they watch your videos. You also get access to Vimeo Brand Studio, allowing you to work with professionals to create the videos for your business. If you go to Business Pro services, you get a great deal of other features including VIP support, easier uploading, and a way to earn money by selling videos online and across the globe. These are really just a few of the benefits that Vimeo Business offers customers. Vimeo Business also promises an efficient and effective way to market your brand. But does it work?

One thing that is pretty awesome about this product is that with Vimeo business, you are going to be able to work with some of the best content creators that Vimeo has to offer in order to truly bring your brand to life. You are able to easily allow up to 10 people to the Vimeo Business account to allow everyone who is a part of this collaboration to have the access that they need.

Customized player
The analytics that this site has to offer is just another great benefit that works out well for business owners. This is the same type of analytics that you will get from using Vimeo Pro. This allows you have a completely customizable video player where you can put your company logo on the video.

Lead-capture CTA on your videos
You can take this one step further and this leads us to one of the best features you can get with Vimeo Business. There are call-to-action buttons that you can include into your video that link directly to your company’s website as well as adding an email subscription so that you can target these subscriptions for email campaigns. The analytic tools that Vimeo Business offers gives you that lets you keep track of customer engagement so you know exactly which campaigns that are working with your customer and which are not so you can focus your money better.

So does Vimeo Business Deliver?

First of all, you get the benefit of trying Vimeo Business out for 30 days to get a feel for whether or not this program works for your business. This is already a name that people have trust for a long time so it only make sense that a business like this lets you test their services before making you settle on purchasing their product. There really is no risk at all to trying this service and you may even fall in love with it.

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