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Bowflex is one of the most original, innovation-driver producers of fitness training equipment today. As obesity is becoming one of the most important health issues all over the world today, any investment into training equipment becomes an investment in the health and wellbeing of the population – and that’s exactly what Bowflex is doing.

The company started in 1986, with its first resistance machine, and it now markets a wide variety of products, that are available through direct sales as well as from various retailers. There are equipments to exercise a select group of muscles, such as the chest and arms, for example – Bowflex UpperCut and Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells – and also machines for complex exercises, which help tone the entire body, and which can pretty much be considered an entire gym at home. The latest addition is the Bowflex MAX Trainer, a machine for cardio exercises which is designed to burn twice as many calories as the traditional elliptical machine in the same interval of time, and also to boost the metabolism of the user, so as to burn more calories in the following hours.


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