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Brookstone is a retail chain with a twist: many of the products you can find on their shelves or in their online catalog are designed and produced by Brookstone itself, under its own brand. This means that you’ll get everything you’re looking for in a traditional retail chain – diversity of the offer, low prices, and accessibility – but also original items that you won’t find elsewhere.

As a matter of fact, Brookstone has always made an effort to stand out from more traditional stores and to differentiate itself. For examples, customers are allowed to play with the products in the store, in order to help them make up their mind as to what they want to purchase. That’s one reason to go down to an actual Brookstone brick and mortar shop, instead of using their great online store.

Recently, the company has successfully recovered after filing for bankruptcy, and was purchased by an investment firm – so it’s set on solid ground to continue its operations smoothly from now on.


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