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Carbonite is great for small business backup. We negotiate a sweet 15% Carbonite offer code for our customers. Start saving! Carbonite is an online backup service that serves both Windows and Macintosh devices. Carbonite has built a reputation for itself within its industry as being the very first online backup service to offer unlimited storage space for a fixed price. For this reason, Carbonite can be a very cost effective backup service for businesses that need one. Here, we take a look at three of Carbonite’s most popular offerings.

Carbonite Product Review

Good: Carbonite Home for Mac or Windows
Cost: $59.99/yr for 1 computer

What you get:
As mentioned above, Carbonite offers unlimited backup storage space at a fixed price, and the introductory Carbonite Home package is no exception. That means unlimited online storage for all types of files, be they personal or business, photographical, musical, or text. As any smart business owner knows, however, it is often wise to separate one’s home and work life; and, believe it or not, this mantra applies to the digital world as well. The Carbonite Home package is a great deal, but users can get the most out of it by using it for one purpose and one purpose alone – otherwise things will inevitably get cluttered.

Better: Carbonite Home Plus for Windows Only
Cost: $99.99/yr for 1 computer
What you get:
In addition to everything the Carbonite Home package provides, the Home Plus pack will give you a Full System, Mirror Image Back-up and an External Hard Drive Back-up. Both of these features can prove very useful to the entrepreneur whose business is highly computer centric, and who could benefit from applications that enable speedy recovery should their system crash.

Best: Carbonite Business for Mac or Windows
Cost: $229.00/yr for Unlimited computers
What you get: Here, it might seem like Carbonite is kind of pulling a fast one by limiting your storage space to 250GB, however, realistically, if your business is even moderately large and you’re operating with an unlimited amount of computers, you’ve probably already got enough space to begin with. That being said, this package is more about management and sharing than it is about storage space, as its main upgrade is a Browser-based Admin dashboard that optimizes file sharing and syncing amongst multiple users.

Altogether, Carbonite is a pretty solid cloud storage provider for both home based and business users alike. These days, such users are often one in the same, and, by offering packages that include unlimited storage space yet varying features, Carbonite succeeds in addressing the needs of all. For this reason, we give Carbonite a 4.6/5.


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