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F-Secure is a cloud computing and security software provider based in Helsinki, Finland. F-Secure is currently one of the top worldwide providers of Antivirus Software, and as such has been recognized by 15 Industry Awards in just the last 3 years.

Good: F-Secure Antivirus
Cost: $39.99/1 year/3 users
What you get: F-Secure’s Antivirus package is a cloud based security solution that provides protection from the most common types of malware. As F-Secure’s entry level offering, it is a pretty minimal package, however it is still is easy to use, non-intrusive, and comprehensive enough for most home users. As an added benefit, the F-Secure Antivirus package is also completely automated once installed.

Better: F-Secure Internet Security
Cost: $59.99/1 year/3 users
What you get: In addition to everything its most basic Antivirus package can do, F-Secure’s Internet Security package increases your protection against security threats from social media and online banking and shopping. The package does this by use of an anti-phishing scanner, site blocker, and a sturdier firewall. The Internet Security package also allows you to make customized security options for each user, and as an added benefit has a special feature that prevents automated, unwanted mobile broadband bills.

Best: F-Secure Internet Security + Mobile Security
Cost: $59.99/1 year/2 users
What you get: F-Secure’s most comprehensive package is its Internet Security + Mobile Security offering, which, as one might guess, extends protection to mobile devices. Useful features included in this plan include an Unwanted Call/SMS/MMS Message blocker and also an application that can help locate a missing device. Being that this package is the same price as the Internet Security offering, and that mobile security is quickly becoming even more important than the security of one’s home PC, this is quite the deal -- and web savvy users would be foolish not to go for it if they’re set on choosing F-Secure.

European software providers are often ahead of the game in their industry, and the same can be said of Finland’s F-Secure. Not only is this company award-winning, but they are currently offering a premier package that extends coverage to mobile devices and ensures a near complete online safety net, whether at home or on the go. For these reasons, we give F-Secure a 4.8/5.

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