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Find your discount at is an online eyewear retailer that specializes in high-end brands. The site also offers more cost-efficient brands to its customers. When users visit the online store, they will discover hundreds of frame styles from dozens of brands. They can customize their search by frame color, price, shape and by their individual face shape. Before purchasing, users must know their eye prescription. Otherwise, they cannot purchase a frame since the company sends full eyewear to its customers as opposed to empty frames waiting to be filled. While this company does sell prestigious eyewear at lower prices than what you would find at your local eye retailer, they have more limited eyewear options than an in-person retailer. Users who are looking for sport glasses will have to look elsewhere. Customers are limited to purchasing just four types of eyewear: regular prescription glasses, sunglasses (prescription or non-prescription), safety glasses, and the company-exclusive non-prescription computer/gaming glasses (these aid individuals who play video games or use the computer for hours at a time).


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