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Intego provides antivirus security exclusively for Mac computers. We provide exclusive Intego coupon codes so you can save a bunch!. Founded in 1997, Intego is a software company that focuses on security applications for Macintosh computers and other Apple products. Intego’s diverse product line provides a wide variety of solutions for both home and small office users. Below, we take a look at three of their most popular items and outline the benefits of each package.

Good: Mac Internet Security Premium 2014

What you get:

Virus Barrier 2014 – Provides dual protection for users who use both Macs and PCs against malware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and rootkits.
Net Barrier 2014 – Blocks strangers from gaining access to your files and warns you when you are about to use a suspicious and potentially dangerous application.
Identity Scrubber – Blocks foreign applications from reaching sensitive domains on your Mac and also deletes and/or shields your personal information when applicable.

Better: Mac Premium Bundle 2014

What you get:

The 2014 Mac Premium Bundle comes with everything the Internet Security Premium Package does, and it also extends protection by including:

Family Protector – Customizable protection that enables specific parental controls and web monitoring through an easy-to-use interface.
Washing Machine – Intego’s unique approach to Mac clean-up, which optimizes performance and erases your digital footprint.
Personal Backup – Which creates a bootable backup on an external drive.

Great: Virus Barrier 2014
Recognizing the needs of small business owners with multiple, networked Macs, Intego also offers a standalone Virus Barrier 2013 package that can be installed on up to 5 computers at once. This option is great for any small, growing business looking to efficiently protect its digital assets.

In a world of business that’s largely ruled by the PC, it’s nice to see a company dedicated to Mac protection. For their dedication to quality and commitment to the Mac user, we therefore grant Intego a 4.6/5.



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