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In 2005, IBM merged with a company called Lenovo. Since then, Lenovo has grown to become the second largest personal computer vendor by unit sales. Lenovo produces laptops, desktops, smart phones, and tablets; and, if you’re a small business owner looking for a quality, affordable PC, chances are they’ve got something you can use.
Lenovo Product Review
While many consumer tech pundits purport that we’re entering a “post-PC” era, Lenovo believes the opposite (and has convinced many customers to believe the opposite, too). With its ThinkPad series, the company creates high-value business computers that place performance before appearance. ThinkPads are black, boxy, and entirely unassuming, but they get the job done and can be had for as low as $539.

Other Products
Most other Lenovo products, such as the ThinkCentre desktop PC and the high-end ThinkStation workstation, also place performance before aesthetics, and for this reason they’re great for small owners who need a machine that can work. In 2012, however, Lenovo did change course a bit, with its IdeaPad Yoga 13, which is a laptop that can be converted into a tablet. Historically, Lenovo has shied away from such products, however the Yoga has been met with positive reviews and it represents a new streak of innovation from Lenovo.

Lenovo makes PCs for the business world, making them an obvious choice for small business owners who need affordable yet powerful machines. The company’s merger with IBM was probably the best thing that ever happen to it; and, for this wise decision, we rate Lenovo a 4.5/5.

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