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In 1826, Samuel Lord and George Washington Taylor founded a store in Manhattan, called, of course, Lord and Taylor. It sold luxury clothing for women, mainly cashmere shawls and hosiery. Today, Lord and Taylor is the oldest luxury department store chain in the USA.

The company has not just survived the years, it has developed at a rapid pace, it has been setting trends and leading the market, and it has been making history. Just to give an example of an industry-changing event that took place at Lord and Taylor, in 1945 it had the first woman president to ever lead such a major retail company in the US – Dorothy Shaver. Shaver led the company right until her death in 1959, and the changes she made left a profound impact, that’s still felt today.

And today, Lord and Taylor is stronger than ever, with over 50 locations and a retail website. It sells a lot more than shawls, of course, and it has expanded to cover pretty much anything from clothing for men, women, and children, to accessories, beauty products, and travel bags.

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