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MacLocks makes laptop locks and various security accessories specifically for Macintosh computers and tablets. Any small business owner interested in protecting what might be their most expensive investment might find their products useful.

MacLocks Product Review
Are laptop locks effective? In our opinion, it depends on how you look at them. Realistically, anyone who really wants to steal your laptop can do so with a small pair of pliers or bolt cutters. Equally as realistic, however, is the fact that most people don’t walk around carrying these.

When it comes down to it, laptop locks are more of a deterrent than anything else. They can prevent small time thievery but really aren’t much good against professionals.

What About MacLocks?
MacLocks sells laptop locks for the Macbook Pro and the MacBook Air. Most locks run for around $70. As thin as they are, the truth is that they won’t do you much good against anyone with the right toolset and the determination; but, they will prevent casual theft.

MacLocks Most Useful Products
Beyond laptop locks, MacLocks does actually offer some useful products. Small businesses engaged in brick and mortar retail could benefit greatly from purchasing one of their locking iPad floor stands for $269 or a countertop iPad enclosure kiosk for $139.95.
Anyone with a larger collection of Mac devices that are regularly shared might also be interested in MacLocks’ storage lockers. Starting at $599, lockers can protect and charge up to 16 iPads at once and they promote a much more secure working environment.

Like any small business owner, we like keeping things secure. But we also like being realistic. In reality, most laptop locks aren’t much more than a deterrent. This doesn’t mean that they’re useless, but it does mean that in many cases they are overhyped. That being said, MacLocks does offer a good deal of security products that go beyond traditional laptop locks, and for this reason alone we rank them a 3.7/5.


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