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McAfee is probably one of the most well known anti-virus software developers on the market. Reputation, however, does not trump an objective analysis of a company’s product. As such, we’ve created a summary of exactly what you pay for and exactly what you get when you choose McAfee.

McAfee Antivirus Product Review
Good: Anti-Virus Plus
Cost: $34.99/1 user
What you get: As McAfee’s entry-level offering, Anti-Virus plus will provide you with basic computer security at a pretty reasonable cost. The three main, essential applications this software includes are its anti-virus, anti-malware, and firewall – all of which are important to have when browsing the Internet. This software also includes a new ‘touch-friendly’ home screen for mobile devices and an easy-to-use PC tune up application.

Better: McAfee Internet Security
Cost: $55.99/1 user
What you get: A step up from Anti-Virus Plus, McAfee’s Internet Security package extends protection by including spam-filters and parental controls. Additional features include improved Internet usage summaries that can help you monitor exactly where your computer has been and a new, unobtrusive, high speed anti-malware engine.

Even Better: McAfee Total Protection
Cost: $62.99/1 user
What you get: McAfee Total Protection takes the Internet Security package to a new level by introducing further protective measures against some of the most prevalent online threats. Namely, Total Protection extends protection to social media and has a specific set of applications geared towards identity protection and anti-phishing.

Best: McAfee All Access
Cost: $49.99/1 user
What you get: The McAfee All Access package is currently the McAfee’s most comprehensive anti-virus software offering, and at $49.99 it is actually also their best deal. The All Access package includes everything that the lesser packages contain yet it also extends protection to mobile devices with a plethora of additional applications. This package is also able to be installed on Macs.

As a long-time industry leader, a quick glance at McAfee’s offerings reveals that they are not much different from many of their competitor’s. One advantage a user might gain from McAfee may indeed be the company’s ability to provide timely customer service, since it is so massive. Another plus is McAfee’s ability to produce software that is both PC and Mac installable. All-in-all, however, McAfee may indeed be past its prime. For these reasons, we give them a 4/5.


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