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Net10 Wireless is a budget conscious cell phone service provider that strives to reduce costs so that costs don’t get passed along to you. Net10 pulls this off by using larger companies’ infrastructures -- sharing cell phone towers and offering their product exclusively online or through preexisting retailers. In the end, this strategy results in a low-cost, mid-quality product that’s great for small business owners who want to stick to their budget.

Net10 Wireless Product Review

Unlike other pre-paid service providers, Net10 Wireless actually offers some of the most recent and popular smartphone models on the market. Most notably, Net10 offers the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III, two phones you’ll rarely be able to find on other pre-paid plans.

Net10 offers Family plans, Individual 30-day monthly plans, and Pay-as-you-go plans, all of which are available without contractual obligation. For small business owners, we recommend one of the 30-day monthly plans, which can be set to auto-refill at a discounted rate.

Small businesses can’t afford to take on unnecessary costs, and the fact of the matter is that many contract based mobile networking plans are wasteful. For those who want a simple, affordable service provider, Net10 Wireless is the way to go. All-in-all, we rate them a 4.5/5.


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