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In the United States, T-Mobile is a large wireless network operator based in Bellevue, Washington, that brings in about billion in annual revenue and serves around 44 million customers. Outside of the U.S., however, T-Mobile is actually a holding company for Deutsche Telekom AG, a European telecommunications giant. Regardless of how the corporation is structured, though, T-Mobile still offers some pretty good deals for small business owners.

T-Mobile Product Review

Some specific offerings that set T-Mobile apart from competitors serving small business owners include:

Wi-Fi Calling – Allows you to connect to any nearby Wi-Fi signal to make voice calls. Helps to avoid pricey international rates and to use your phone in buildings where you can’t find a signal.

Smartphone Mobile Hotspot – Lets you ‘tether’ other mobile devices to your own and let them get online through your device. Perfect for small business owners.

Upgrade whenever with JUMP! – Added flexibility that will allow you to upgrade your service and device whenever you’d like.

With deals like these and the resources of a mega-sized corporation, we ranked T-Mobile a 4.3/5.

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