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One of most famous retail stores in US of A. It is easily recognized by its distinctive red color circles. Target was established in 1902 by George Draper Dayton. From using airplanes to deliver its merchandise to opening a brand new radio station in its time. The founder bought new innovative ideas to the American retail market.

In 1962, Daytona created the iconic bull’s eye logo. It was the set benchmark to provide high class customer services to customers walking inside the leading discount store. In 1979, Target achieved its billion sales mark. After many successful years with collaboration with other stores in 1999 Target successfully launched a make-up line with Sonia Kashuk a successful make-up artist. In the same year Target launched its website marking its online presence.

Over the years Target expanded to serves customers all over the United States of America. In 2005, it surpasses billion dollar sales mark. One of few reasons for its huge success lies behind its great and exceptional customer service and providing great products with better prices.

Target over the years have started new shopping trends and influenced the retail behavior of an average American retailer.


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