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Tracfone provides no contract cell phone service, which makes it great for fledgling small business owners on tight budgets. No contract means that you can drop or upgrade Tracfone at any time, which, in the fast paced, constantly changing environment of eCommerce can be a great thing.

Tracfone Product Review
No contract cell phone service is often assumed to be cheap and low quality. This is a huge misconception; and, in fact, many small business owners in their 20s use services like Tracfone exclusively.

When you’re just starting out, budget rules all. That being said, those who will be attracted to Tracfone will not be the type concerned with the latest and greatest in consumer tech. Tracfone offers basic, affordable, phones from companies like Samsung, Motorola, and LG. These phones aren’t “smart,” but that’s because Tracfone assumes that you are.

As a no contract service provider, Tracfone offers pay as you go payment plans. Plans can be purchased as air-time cards ranging from 30-450 minutes to be used for 30-90 days, or as no commitment monthly value plans that can be put into place and cancelled at any time.

As the writer of this review is a small business owner and pay as you go user themselves, our Tracfone rating might be a little less than objective. Tracfone is a great service, though -- especially for up-and-coming business owners on budgets. For this reason, we can’t help but rank Tracfone a 4.8/5.


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