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We’ve worked with the marketing gurus at Vertical Response to create an outstanding special offer for our customers. Save 10%-15% or get tons of free email credits or 25 free survey responses, your choice! Vertical Response is pretty great for a one-person marketing team at a small business. They’ve combined many of the major marketing disciplines such as email marketing, social media, and events, and even direct mail into one, tightly integrated package.

We really like Vertical Response for a couple of main reasons.

  1. CRM Integration – We use to manage all of our contacts, customers, leads, and sales opportunities. We can access the Vertical Response application directly in Salesforce and every single activity is stored on each contact record including what emails they been sent, opened, and clicked.
  2. On and Off-line Marketing – Many companies now only do online marketing because of its cost and effectiveness, however, direct mail still works. Vertical Response knows this and they have designed their platform to allow customers to send customize postcards to their lists as part of their overall marketing program. They are the only email marketing provider to offer this and it is a brilliant move that makes them stand out.
  3. Vertical Response Pricing – We LOVE their pricing because it is straightforward, either pay-as-you go, monthly, or pay in advance.  And plans are cheap, with small business plans for up to 500 subscribers for only $10 per month. That is a great deal!



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