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Some successful companies are born because their founder has a great business sense and can turn anything into profit. But the best companies are those that are based on a great idea, on an innovation that makes everybody’s lives better – and that’s the case with Virtual PBX.

The idea behind the PBX technology (private branch exchange) is to automatically manage phone tasks. Of course, in the modern age phones do a lot more than just take calls, so this includes voicemails, faxes, conference calls, automated services, and sending the customer calls to the first person that’s available, instead of placing them in a queue.

The company was founded 1997, and has proven more than capable of keeping up with the technology, by releasing applications for Android and iOS when more and more people turned to smartphones. And, considering that the business of tomorrow seems to be done over the phone and not face to face, Virtual PBX is poised to thrive and develop at a fast rate.


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