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Walgreens is an empire in its own right: the drug retailer has over 8,000 stores, distributed across the entire USA, in all 50 states. Moreover, Walgreens has a solid presence online, with not just one, but several websites, such as Beauty.com, Drugstore.com and VisionDirect.com – as is to be expected from a company that offers such a diverse range of products.

The history of Walgreens goes back all the way to 1901, when the first corner store was opened in Chicago – and the business picked up speed quickly and hasn’t stopped ever since. You know that a company is a giant when it becomes an indistinguishable part of popular culture, and that’s exactly the case with Walgreens. If nothing else, it played a vital role in increasing the popularity of malted milkshakes, and it may be directly responsible for transforming the blender in such a common household appliance. There’s no telling what the future holds for Walgreens, but whatever it is, it’s sure to be spectacular.

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