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WP Engine is an Austin, TX based web host that specializes in WordPress Hosting. WP Engine prides itself in its ability to offer a professional level of WordPress Hosting Support, and maintains the promise of never letting your website crash again.

For $29.00/mo, users can purchase WP Engine’s most basic, Personal package and receive:
-Unlimited LargeFS Storage – Which effectively provides users with unlimited storage space, and allows them to creatively grow their website at an unrestricted pace.
-Unlimited Data Transfer – I.e., Unlimited Bandwidth, which means that your audience or client base will have unlimited access to your site.
-The ability to Stage and Deploy with Git – WP Engine is currently the only Managed WordPress Hosting Platform that can provide this capability.
-Managed Upgrades – The WP Engine team will actually test WordPress security updates for you before they apply them to your site.
-Daily Backups – Automated, for both files and databases, and featuring One-Click Restore Points, a highly convenient tool designed with ease of webpage restoration in mind.
-Enterprise Architecture – Featuring multi-server clusters and in-RAM caching, which means your website will load very quickly, making it easily accessible (and non- frustrating) to potential and returning customers.
No Lock-in – WP Engine Customers are not required to sign any long term contracts, and are even provided with a full back-up of their site, should they choose to leave.

For the money, WP Engine provides an excellent service to WordPress users who’d like to focus on the business end of their website, rather than waste their time tweaking with site management. It’s for this reason alone that WP Engine is a host worth considering for the entrepreneur with big ideas in mind, or anyone else focused on the big picture.

Shop: http://wpengine.com/

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