Best Logo Design Service

Every great company has a great brand. A brand is a company’s identity, and it’s very literally the image that’s conjured when consumers think of a business. In today’s digital environment, branding has many facets – probably more than ever before – but many branding fundamentals remain unchanged. Creating a website may be something new to you, but creating a catchy slogan and a winning logo to go with it – well, those marketing principles have been around since people starting selling things.

1Crowdspring is a website that puts small business owners in touch with independent designers. They provide crowd sourced design solutions for people who don’t have the time to produce them on their own. You submit your project specs, and then designers compete for your pay. In the end, you pick the best one.5View
299designs is another crowdsourcing design hub, where fierce competition leads to high quality results. You’ll pay a little more for designers on this site, but the end product will show it.4.5View
3Logo Garden is great for small business owners on budgets. They offer free DIY logo design, websites, and business cards. Feel like getting creative?4View
4Like its name, The Logo Company takes a more traditional design route. You submit your specs, and a dedicated team of professionals completes your project for you. Nothing fancy here, except for clean-cut, attractive results.3.5View
5Vistaprint is more or less a print marketing company. They allow small business owners to upload predesigned logos onto preformatted templates which can then be applied to any number of print marketing materials. A good choice if you need some inexpensive business cards, but not if you need a logo designed from scratch.3View

How to Choose a Logo Design Company

For the artistically inclined, creating a company logo is a relished opportunity to get creative. For the average small business owner, with a million other little things to do, logo design can be a stress inducing nightmare. Creating a company logo is like choosing the clothing your company will wear. If you’re busy, but you still want to look good, it’s best to put your image in the hands of a professional designer. You will end up paying more, but it won’t look like you sewed the clothes yourself; and in the end, you will hopefully attract more people to your business.

Breadth of Selection

Think about it this way: when you shop for clothes, do you prefer more options or less? Of course, there comes a point when too many options can be a bad thing, but generally the ability to choose between multiple alternatives will lead to better end results. When choosing a logo design company, it pays to shop around and find one with multiple capabilities. Some companies can help you crowd source your logo design and receive submissions from multiple artists competing for your project. Other companies offer DIY online logo design applications, which simplify the process and reduce costs. Still other companies will offer combined capabilities, and also other branding services, such as slogan writing and even web design. Much like shopping for new clothes, the answer lies in finding a company that “fits” you.

Design Quality

Once again, logo design quality is much akin to clothing. If you’re running a small business you want to look good, but you don’t exactly need a designer suit from Giorgio Armani. Instead, focus on finding a designer that offers a good balance of quality and affordability. Your very first logo will be a stepping stone, as any successful company’s logo evolves over time. Consider your first attempt a work in progress. Find a company who can do it well, and inexpensively.

Output Formats

A logo is a part of your brand, but it’s also a brand that you can stamp on just about anything connected to your business. Beyond creating your logo from scratch, professional logo design companies can also stamp that logo onto various products and ship them directly to your (digital) doorstep. That means applying your logo to your digital presence, and maybe also printing out some customized gear for employees and customers – like actual clothes that people can wear to spread your image

Total Cost

Creative minds hate budgets. As a small business owner it can be helpful to remember this. The best logo design companies are ones that have successfully combined creativity with effective business practices. To the end consumer, this amounts to affordable logos that look pretty decent too. Most independent designers will want a lot of money for a design that looks really, really good. On the other hand, massive logo mills will design something on the cheap, but the end product’s quality will indeed reflect its pricing. The companies we have included on our list below represent a good blend of both and some middle of the road solutions as well.

Customer Service

Finally, like any creative process you outsource, creating a logo requires a designer who is adept at collaboration. The best designers realize that they are working for their customers, and they don’t let things like “creative genius” get in the way of collaborating. For the best results, find a designer whose ultimate goal is your satisfaction.