Top 5 Must-Have Mac Apps For Students

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From word processing to data collection to photography and so much more, your MacOS device opens up a world of possibilities. Mac has great apps specifically designed for writers, artists, musicians, marketers, program developers and anyone else looking to get the most out of their device.

But not all apps bring the same results to the level you may want. Before investing in an app to help you in your work, be sure to do some research first.

What to look for in a good app

Applications for MacOS may serve multiple purposes. They may help you be more productive. These apps may enhance your creativity. They may even help you get a task done faster and better than what you could do on your own.

But before you hit that well-designed app icon, there are a few things you should consider:


Sorry, but not all great things in life are free. While there are certainly some amazing free apps that will help you accomplish your next task, sometimes you may need to pay for quality. Since this isn’t always the case, be sure to look into whether the price tag is worth what you’ll receive in the app.


Does this app require a specific Mac software that you haven’t updated to yet? Be sure your app will play nice with whatever level of MacOS you have.


While new, up-and-coming apps can be amazing, it’s also worth noting to read the reviews of an app before purchasing it. Are there a lot of reviews associated with the app? Do the comments reflect a continuous issue many users are facing? These are important questions to ask of you fellow Mac users.

Top 5 Must-Have Apps

Looking to add some new tools to your Mac toolbox? Check out these five apps you should download right now.

1. Skylum (Macphun)

For the photographer.

When you need photo editing tools that are a little (a lot) more advanced than the features on your phone, apps from Skylum (formerly Macphun) provide you the resources to turn your photos into professional works of art. Skylum offers a variety of editing tools, including Luminar and Aurora HDR.

Luminar 2018 is loaded with great tools to bring your photos to the next level. You’ll be able to use features like:

  • Dozens of photo filters
  • Tools to crop and transform
  • Incorporate layers and blend modes
  • Raw converter and processor
  • Social sharing compatibility
  • And much more!

Check out this app in the Mac App store for just $69.

Aurora HDR was awarded the best app in 2017. This is the real deal. When working with High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, Aurora offers tools specifically designed for those prized photos. These features include:

  • Advanced tone-mapping
  • Image processing engine
  • Lens correction
  • Smart color controls
  • HDR enhancer
  • And much more!

Find this app for just $99 to unlock your potential for photo editing.

2. Macpaw

For the organized.

Looking for a way to organize your Mac? Like a crowded workspace, a cluttered Mac can slow you down when trying to get your work done. Macpaw offers a selection of apps uniquely designed to help you get back on track and improve your everyday. And even better, these apps are free! Some of these many apps include:


This software will clean, optimize and maintain all things on your Mac. It works by scanning your entire Mac so you know exactly what you’re working with. And with the software’s one-button cleaning, staying organized is quick and safe.

Gemini 2

This free download will locate duplicate files and delete them to free up extensive space on your computer. You can review all the duplicates and similar files or just let Gemini 2 remove them for you.

Wallpaper Wizard 2

Still searching to find that perfect wallpaper for your Mac? Wallpaper Wizard 2 helps you find HD pictures to match your personality and style. Style your Mac the way you want.

Hider 2

Your data is important. Hider 2 lets you hide and encrypt data in a secure way. Utilize organization features so you know exactly where everything is in its secure place.

3. Speedify

For the efficient.

With a priority on safety, Speedify lets you combine your Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and wired networks to establish a connection that’s fast, smooth and reliable.

Utilize the mobile VPN that ensures speed, security and reliability with their distinguished encryption services. Speedify is compatible with all programs and applications that require an internet connection. Wherever you are doing your work, you can be confident in your ability to work quickly and securely.

Features of Speedify include:

  • Automatic failover
  • Military grade encryption
  • No logging of IP addresses
  • No local network restrictions

Starting a subscription of 1GB of internet optimization is free. For unlimited data on a monthly basis, plans are just $8.99 or just $4.17 per month when you commit to a year.

4. Intego Antivirus

For the secure.

Intego offers a variety of products and features to keep your valuable work secure. They offer bundle packages with varying levels of features so you know that your purchase will fit best with your or your company’s needs.

Their “best buy”, Mac Premium Bundle X9, incorporates features that emphasize both protection and security. This premium package starts at just $69.99 for one year. Apps in this bundle include:

  • VirusBarrier X9 – prevents Mac and PC malware
  • Mac Washing Machine X9 – cleans and speeds up your Mac
  • Personal Backup 10.9 – automatically back up your files
  • NetBarrier X9 – protection from unauthorized access
  • ContentBarrier X9 – parental control to keep kids safe

With various features and technologies that emphasize protection and security, this set of apps will keep you and your family safe as they work and play.

5. 1Password

For the password forgetter.

You know those accounts where you set up once, are always logged in, and then that one time it kicks you off and you can’t remember your password to save your life?

1Password can help.

From your business to personal to family, 1Password is a safe and secure option to keep track of all your important logins. With 1Password technology, save your passwords and log in to your important sites with just a single click. A Master Password unlocks all your other important passwords, so you’ll only need to remember one password. That’s it!

But 1Password doesn’t just remember online passwords for you. It also can keep track of things like bank routing numbers, home alarm codes and credit card numbers. And, you can organize all your important information with helpful tags – whether personal, work, travel or another category.

Your information is kept secure with unlocking 1Password with your fingerprint or a PIN code.

Save time and stop searching around for those sticky notes with your passwords written down. Let 1Password help boost your efficiency and confidence in security. 1Password monthly plans begin at just $2.99 for one person or $4.99 for up to five people.


Get the most out of your MacOS device. Increase your productivity and enhance your creativity with these great apps. Find them in the App Store today!


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